Who We Are... What's Are Vision?

Who is Alycia Mikay?  What is she all about?  What sets her apart from other fashion brands, boutiques, fashion lines, etc?  Well, we're glad you asked.  Alycia Mikay is a multifaceted fashion brand who embodies women that embrace their own personal style regardless of their size, age, or body type.  
You see, we, as a company, are comprised of women who are petite... women who are tall... women who are full-figured.   We are also from different generations.  As a team, we collaborate on different fashion styles, trends, body types, and then some.  We may not always agree on each and every style selection or fashion design, but the one thing we always agree on is that fashion is a personal choice and everyone has their own unique style.  As long as we keep an open mind and continue to openly collaborate, we grow stronger as a brand which we pass on to our customers who we consider as part of our family.  Just like any family, our customers' feedback, ideas, and requests are welcome.  Just as I stated before, we may not always agree or want to hear it, but we keep an open mind and take it all into consideration.
Now, as for our vision, we want ALL women to walk into a room with their heads up, shoulders back, and with confidence who commands attention and respect. Her mere presence is style itself. She may be petite... she may be curvy... she may be tall...she may be young... she may be older...the one thing they all have in common is they feel good and know they look good wearing our brand. Whether the styles originate from our very own in-house design studio or from a  different designer that we sell in our store, the Alycia Mikay woman is dressed and ready for whatever type of day she has in front of her.
You wear the outfit... Don't let the outfit wear you.  

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